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FORT NELSON, B.C. — Just completing his final term as the mayor of Taylor, Rob Fraser has been elected the new mayor of Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality.

Fraser beat the incumbent, Gary Foster, with 640 votes compared to 403.

As for council, incumbent Kyle Andrews, Lorraine Gerwing, Danny Soles and John Roper were all re-elected. Brenda Enax and Leslie Dickie were also elected.

Fraser was born in Fort Nelson and moved away from the community in 1988. After announcing he wouldn’t seek re-election in Taylor earlier this year, Fraser told that he recently purchased a trapline near Fort Nelson and planned to retire in the community.

Bill Dolan, Linda Dolen, Yvette Taylor, Kathi Dickie, and Frank Peach have all been elected to the board for School District 81.

Preliminary Numbers for the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality are below.

Rob FraserMayor640 (61.4%)X
Gary FosterMayor403 (38.7%)
Kyle AndrewsCouncillor780 (74.9%)X
Fred McLachlanCouncillor285 (27.4%)
Kristi LeerCouncillor391 (37.5%)
Kanina FultonCouncillor416 (39.9%)
Lorraine GerwingCouncillor768 (73.7%)X
Leslie DickieCouncillor588 (56.4%)X
Danny SolesCouncillor648 (62.2%)X
John RoperCouncillor551 (52.9%)X
Brenda EnaxCouncillor754 (72.4%)X

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