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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Lilia Hansen has been elected mayor of Fort St. John.

The preliminary results released on Saturday, October 15th, show that Hansen was voted in as the new mayor of Fort St. John, incumbent councillors Bolin, Stewart, Lequiere, Klassen and Zabinsky were re-elected, and Sarah MacDougall will join council.

Hansen spent five years on council before deciding to run for the mayor’s seat in the 2022 election.

Lori Ackerman was the mayor of Fort St. John for 11 years before deciding not to seek re-election.

Voter turnout remained low in Fort St. John, with only 2,567 voters casting a ballot out of the 14,479 eligible voters. The 2018 election saw 20 percent voter turnout compared to 18 percent in 2022.

Lilia Hansen spoke with shortly after the announcement, saying she was honoured “to be the voice of Fort St. John, but also to build a strong team around the council table.”

“One of our primary roles of a community, of a municipality, is building a welcoming and inclusive community,” Hansen said.

Lilia HansenMayor1620X
Shannon StangeMayor737
Steven LabossiereMayor156
Sarah MacDougallCouncillor 1675X
Jim LequiereCouncillor1528X
Gord KlassenCouncillor 1678X
Lyle GoldieCouncillor 798
Amy CoxCouncillor 757
Gary PataraCouncillor492
Byron StewartCouncillor 1530X
Trevor BolinCouncillor 1715X
Tony ZabinskyCouncillor 1539X
Morgan RobinsonCouncillor 203

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