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POUCE COUPE, B.C. — Danielle Veach is the new mayor of Pouce Coupe after beating Lorraine Michetti by five votes.

The Village of Pouce Coupe released the preliminary results Saturday that showed Veach with 84 votes compared to 79 for Michetti, 53 for Plowright and 45 for Boyer. 

Veach will be joined on council by Marcel Woodill, Raymond Johnston, Kurtis Rabel and James Wall.

Michetti’s only term as mayor was full of controversy after a social media post she made about Indigenous communities surfaced, resulting in calls for her to step down from her own council and leaders across the northeast.

The Pouce Coupe council at the time demanded her resignation and removed her from portfolios.

Michetti brought her case to the Supreme Court of B.C. and achieved her reinstatement, twice.

See the full preliminary results below.

Edmond BoyerMayor45
Danielle VeachMayor84X
Lorraine MichettiMayor79
William PlowrightMayor53
Marcel WoodillCouncillor 179X
Barbara SmithCouncillor75
Raymond JohnstonCouncillor154X
Marlene HerbertCouncillor104
Kurtis RabelCouncillor170X
James WallCouncillor170X
Richard Minaeult Councillor73

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