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PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. — Four new fires were spotted in northeast B.C., not including the one near Sandy Creek, which currently has the priority of the BC Wildfire Service. 

The Sandy Creek fire that was reported Wednesday has since grown to 60 hectares. The wildfire service says the fire has damaged some structures, and they are working to defend others in the area. 

The Horseshoe Mountain fire is still classified as out of control but has decreased in size to 2.10 hectares. 

In terms of new fires, two have sparked up near and just north of Prophet River. One located directly near the river is sitting at 10 hectares, while the one north of it is sitting at 4 hectares. Both fires are suspected to be human-caused. 

These fires, along with the Milliken Creek fire, are currently being monitored by wildfire services. 

Just south of the Sandy Creek fire, a new fire caused by lightning is burning at 0.50 hectares by Battery Creek. 

There was a small fire of 0.01 hectares at Jackfish Lake just north of Chetwynd, but that fire is out, according to the BCWS.

The Prince George Fire Centre now has 36 active wildfires, and the fire danger rating for the North Peace region is still extreme

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