Are you craving a warm getaway this fall? With temperatures averaging in the high 20s during November, this is a great time to head to Florida for relaxing outdoor fun. If you time your trip right, you can miss some of the bigger crowds and have a chance to enjoy the popular attractions with less stress. For the best vacation, however, don’t forget to check out the hidden gems that make the Floridian food and attractions worth the effort. Here are some suggestions to get you started in popular areas around the Sunshine State.

Go for the Food

From world-class cuisine to hidden gems, these restaurants will make your Florida trip unforgettable. Travelling in November means less demand, but reservations are still a good idea at the most popular spots.

Taverna Opa in Hollywood

If you’re in the greater Miami area, head north to Hollywood and sit on the water as you enjoy a world-class Greek meal. Make your own hummus by crushing the ingredients as you wait for your main course — which, by the way, should be one of the many delectable seafood preparations they offer.

Blue Heaven in Key West

For iconic Key West dining, al fresco, and eclectic art, head to Blue Heaven. Everything from the seafood to the classic key lime pie is made with local ingredients, when possible, and the daily specials always offer something unique to try.

Four Flamingos in Orlando

Tropical flavours, fresh seafood, some Florida heat, and innovative cooking techniques are on the menu at the Four Flamingos, the latest venture from a previous Top Chef winner. This is your go-to spot if you’ve always wanted to try classic dishes with a twist.

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Experience Less-Crowded Attractions

Even though Florida sights will always be busy, November is a great month to avoid the biggest crowds. In addition to the well-known theme parks and destinations, here are a few hidden gems worth the trip.

Blowing Rocks Preserve on Jupiter Island

North of West Palm Beach lies Jupiter Island, home to amazing wildlife and beautiful vistas. Blowing Rocks preserve houses impressive rock features that reveal caves and animal habitats at low tide. Take the time to hike around the area for a view of Florida’s natural elements at their finest and spend some time on the beach without the crowds.

Perez Art Museum and Museum of Illusions in Miami

Since Miami is a hub of art and culture, spend some time at popular museums in the area. The Perez Art Museum features rotating artists and has an array of installations that will engage all of your senses; you can often find local as well as internationally famous artists displaying their work here. For those who want a more interactive experience, the Museum of Illusion offers exhibits that will push the boundaries of your belief in your five senses.

Discovery Cove in Orlando

An all-inclusive day resort, Discovery Cove is an ideal spot for couples and families alike. You’ll have access to unlimited food and beverages as you stroll around the lush grounds, popping in and out of various pools and lagoons. Your admission comes with a wet suit to make the most of your snorkelling experience. It is the sister park to SeaWorld Orlando and offers the chance to swim with dolphins for an additional fee. For an outdoor luxury experience, this is the place to go.

Make Your Lodging Part of the Fun

Take the opportunity to make your hotel part of the vacation experience by choosing something exciting or upscale; your vacation will continue even when you’re relaxing in the room!

In Miami, stay at the Esme Hotel for a boutique experience, rooftop lounge, and plenty of unique artwork and architecture – even the elevators are works of art! If you’d like somewhere on the beach in Miami, try the upscale European-inspired Cadillac Hotel. Staying in Orlando? Check out the high-tech yet artistic rooms at the Lake Nona Wave Hotel or stay at the themed Margaritaville Resort and enjoy one of their quaint cottages overlooking the pool.

No matter where you end up in Florida during November, you’re likely to find hidden spots alongside popular destinations. Don’t be afraid to explore and take advantage of the beautiful weather!

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