Pets are part of our families, and when we travel long distances, we often want the whole family to come along. Boarding your beloved dog in a kennel can be a stressful and costly experience. But before you decide to fly with your canine, you must consider several things. You need to check the airline’s pet policy, size restrictions, fees, and where the pup will be allowed to be. You should also check with your veterinarian for advice on your pet’s stress tolerance. If your dog is mellow around crowds and noise, is comfortable being in a carrier for long periods, and is adequately potty trained, they’ll likely be okay with a reasonable flight time. If you’ve got the go-ahead, here are eight products that can make flying with your pooch go smoothly. 

CBD Chews or Calming Supplements

Travelling can be nerve-wracking for humans and pets alike. To help your furry friend feel less anxious, try giving them a CBD chew or calming supplement an hour or two before the flight — just be sure to check with your vet first. 

Pro tip: It’s best to do a trial run at home (a few days before the flight) to ensure your pet doesn’t react negatively to the chew or supplement you choose.

Approved Pet Carrier 

If your pup is on the smaller side, they may be able to travel in the cabin with you. You’ll need to find an airline-approved pet carrier to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Each airline has its limitations, but most follow the International Air Transport Association’s guidelines.

Once you’ve read over your airline’s pet carrier requirements, measure your dog from the top of their head to the floor, then from the tip of their snout to the base of their tail. Generally, the carrier’s height should be three-to-four inches taller and longer than your fur baby. 

Remember: Your carrier must fit underneath the seat in front of you. 

Travel Leash and Harness 

When you and your pup arrive at a security checkpoint, you’ll be asked to remove them from their carrying case. The case will then go through an X-ray machine. You’ll need to keep your dog calm, cool, and collected during this time. 

One easy way to do this is to prepare by purchasing a travel leash and harness. Look for harnesses that are metal-free so your pet can walk through the security check, no questions asked. 

Training Pads 

Not all airports have a pet-relief area. To avoid dealing with an in-air accident, you may want to purchase a pack of pet training pads before your flight. Be sure to walk your dog as much as possible before boarding — if there isn’t a designated relief area, look for a smoking area. You can also line your pet carrier with a pee pad or DryFur’s Pet Carrier Insert Pads to absorb any future accidents. 

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Trash and Poop Bags 

Speaking of accidents, it may be a good idea to pack some trash and poop bags in your carry-on as well. If necessary, you can throw out any plastic bottles, chip bags, soiled pee pads, or accidents. You can find scented and unscented trash bags in packs of 10–20 on Amazon. 

Chew Toy 

One way to keep your dog busy and entertained is to give them a chew toy. If your pooch is a heavy chewer, you may want to choose a toy designed to last. You’ll also want to ensure that the toy is durable, won’t break apart, and potentially get caught in their throat while in flight. 

To be safe, you may also want to avoid anything coated in peanut butter, smelly, or squeaky. According to BringFido, a Kong toy stuffed with a frozen mashed banana and applesauce is an ideal on-the-go chew treat for most pups. 

Dog Travel Blanket 

If your pet carrier isn’t lined or padded with anything comforting or soft, place one of your pet’s favourite blankets inside. (Of course, you’ll want to ensure they still have room to stand, stretch, and move around.) Having something that smells like home is a great way to soothe your dog’s anxiety. It’ll also help to keep them warm if it’s chilly on the plane. 

Collapsible Dog Bowl 

A collapsible dog bowl will fit in your carry-on, so it’ll remain accessible during the flight. Opt for a Dog Water Bottle instead if you’re not into the idea of pouring water into a dog bowl mid-flight. Just fill it with water, screw on the lid, and press the button to quench your pup’s thirst. 

Flying with a pet can be overwhelming, especially if it’s their first time. Hopefully, this list of products will help you and your furry friend have an adventure like no other. 

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