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Welcome to our next installment of Weekly Review, the series where we mention what’s going on behind the scenes as well as showcase the top stories of the previous week.

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Behind the Scenes

We share a lot of different types of stories at, from local lemonade stands all the way up to major energy projects in the area. While these stories are important to all of us living in the region, they are not always covered by larger outlets.

Throughout the years, some of these stories have been picked up by other news organizations and even got the attention of those in power. We feel it is important to share when this happens not only to brag about our awesome staff but to showcase how important local media is to the community it covers. Below are a few examples of these stories.

By covering these stories, not only do we raise awareness of them locally, but we can even get the attention of those in power in order to enact change. By becoming a Supporter, you help us hire more staff to write and uncover more stories.


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Top Stories of the Week

It's always interesting to see what the readers of Energeticcity are most interested in the region. Sometimes it's a big decision that will impact property taxes, and sometimes it's a new restaurant coming to town. Here are the top stories for the week of September 18-24, 2022

  1. "Prolific" Drug Bust: the Fort St John RCMP Drug Unit and Crime Reduction Unit conducted a joint force operation earlier this month.
  2. New Bridge Now Open: a major Site C milestone according to BC Hydro, the Dry Creek Bridge is now open on Highway 29
  3. Dawson Creek Town Hall gets "Heated": people shared their frustration over undesirable activity in the city's downtown.

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