FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Jeff Mayer, the work experience teacher at North peace Secondary School (NPSS), has announced that Project Heavy Duty is returning to the high school.

Local companies donate machinery and fuel, and students get to work on-site and learn how to operate all different types of heavy equipment, Mayer explains.

“From bulldozers, rock trucks, excavators, graters, packers,” Mayer said. “We’ve even seen the crane company out there once before.”

“It’s better than Christmas in my book.”

After the previous Project Heavy Duty lead retired, the district asked Mayer if he would take over, and he agreed.

Mayer says they are looking for sponsors, a site, equipment donations and fuel, or even “expressions of interest” from companies looking to help the program.

NPSS also has a work experience program for students.

The work experience program starts with resume and cover letter writing, job interview skills, and workplace safety before students are put into a career placement in an area of their choosing.

This experience can be volunteer work or paid. Students who sign up for this program will receive high school credits.

Mayer encourages students and guardians to look into these programs as early as possible.

The dual credit program is another program where students can earn high school and college credits.

“Students can take their grade 12 year and spend it at the college, in either a trades place program, getting their level 1,” he explained.

“Or in a certificate program with oil and gas or ECE (early childhood education), which is really big right now, and of course, it’s the same with health care assistants.”

Tuition is fully covered once the course is completed, Mayer explains.

Students must sign up for the dual credit program by grade 11

“There are lots of different options.”

“I love having conversations with young people to see what we can do to help support them and even give them ideas. There are so many jobs out there that people don’t even think of.”

For more information on these programs, visit NPSS’ website, email Mayer at or call the school at 250-785-4429 extension 323.

“But if you just get to high school, just ask for the loud bald guy. They’ll put you through to me,” Mayer said.

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