Voices of the Peace Episode 5: Lori Slater

Host Ted Sloan joins us for the next episode of Voices of the Peace, funded by Urban Systems and NorthRiver Midstream.

Our next guest is a community fixture for me, and someone who I’ve had the pleasure of bumping into at all kinds of events. I can say a lot about her. She’s a mother, and grandmother, who only seems to get more and more involved in local sports and local activities. She’s a tireless advocate for making sure that everyone has access in and around our city. She helps here in our town, and across our province. She’s run events, awareness campaigns, support meetings, and more. And I know that every time I talk to her, I’m struck by her kindness, her passion, and her wisdom. It’s my honour today to welcome Lori Slater to Voices of the Peace.

This podcast has been made possible with the generous support of Urban Systems and North RiverMidstream. See here for more information: https://energeticcity.ca/podcasts/

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