Voices of the Peace Episode 2: Margaret May

This show was created as a way to find out more about our town, our community, and the people in it. I drive down the street, and I see the Pomeroy Sport Centre, the Cultural Centre, a lot of local businesses, and I think “How’d that happen? How’d that get built?’ You might play in a sports league, a community club, a park, and wonder “How’d this get here?”

Welcome to the October episode of Voices of the Peace. This is a new monthly podcast that highlights the people of Fort St. John and the North Peace. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast by visiting www.energeticcity.ca/podcasts.

This podcast has been made possible with the generous support of Urban Systems and North RiverMidstream.

Our second guest is someone whose work you’ve probably seen, but you might not have realized it. You see, as much as our town loves our sports, we do love our arts as well. We’ve had provincial festivals here, we’ve had choirs head to New York, artists display work all over the world, and actors grow and move on to big things.

And that didn’t just happen overnight. My guest is someone who has been there, has had patience, has had perseverance, has helped to plan and grow the arts in Fort St. John, someone who’s taught me a lot, and that would be Margaret May!

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