FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Lisa Crawford, a Fort St. John resident, won a decision against Air Canada, which was ordered to compensate her for her delayed flight.

Crawford applied for compensation because she and her child’s flight was delayed by over 15 hours due to staff shortages, reportedly because of the pandemic, according to Air Canada.

According to a Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) decision, Air Canada must pay “each of the applicants” $1,000 Canadian as soon as possible, but no later than October 11th.

Crawford was scheduled to fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia, from Fort St. John B.C. on August 28th, 2021, departing at 5:30 a.m. and arriving at 8:18 p.m.

On August 27th, 2021, Crawford was reportedly notified by Air Canada that her flight from Fort St. John to Vancouver had been cancelled, citing crew constraints resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crawford and her child were rebooked with a new itinerary that departed 11 hours later, at 4:30 p.m. and arrived in Halifax at 11:31 a.m. the following day, says the CTA.

On the day of departure, two of Crawford’s flights were delayed, causing them to be even later than their original arrival time.

Air Canada argued that their reason for cancellation, safety, justified the delay.

In the case presented to the CTA, both parties presented evidence, and the agency ordered Air Canada to compensate the applicants.

The entire decision and reasons can be found on the Canadian Transport Agency’s website.

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