HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — An additional two unit crews arrived on Friday to “mop up” an area of the Battleship Mountain wildfire, according to the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS).

The unit crews are extinguishing any fire that crossed the containment line from north Gaylard Creek along the Table Forest Service Road to Williston Lake, says BCWS.

They will also be looking for opportunities to use hand ignitions to remove pockets of unburnt fuel.

BCWS says showers are expected in the region Friday night.

The amount of precipitation forecasted is variable though may reduce fire behaviour and activity.

A unit crew continues to work near the Johnson Creek Forest Service Road to secure the roadside containment line.

A second unit crew is located on the west end of the Burns Forest Service Road, says BCWS.

This crew will use direct attack methods and hand ignitions to remove sections of unburnt fuel to bring the fire’s edge to more accessible areas.

Additionally, BCWS says this crew will establish a fuel-free area and hose lay to contain the fire’s west flank.

On the southeast flank of the fire, another unit crew is constructing a hand-guard and creating a fuel-free area in places where heavy equipment cannot reach.

This guard will connect to a machine guard nearing completion on the southeast flank.

BCWS says helicopters will be used for water delivery and bucketing operations on the fire’s west, south and southeast flanks as visibility and weather conditions allow.

An ignitions specialist and helicopter will proceed with planned ignitions on portions of the southwest and southeast flanks if safe to do so.

Structure protection crews are also continuing to manage equipment and resources as needed.

Danger tree assessors and fallers continue to focus on the Johnson Creek Forest Service Road and Gething Forest Service Road, where the fire’s edge has met the road.

The Battleship Mountain wildfire is still classified as out of control by the BCWS.

The fire’s east flank remains approximately four kilometres from the W.A.C. Bennett Dam and eight kilometres from the District of Hudson’s Hope.

There are currently 90 firefighters, 17 pieces of heavy equipment and six danger tree assessors and fallers supporting the work on this wildfire.

Additionally, there are 61 structure protection personnel working, five of which are working on night operations.

Eleven helicopters are being shared between the fires of the Battleship Complex.

The District of Hudson’s Hope has declared a state of emergency, and both the district and the Peace River Regional District have issued an evacuation order for the area.

A recent update from the PRRD says registered livestock producers can find more information for relocation and compensation on the Emergency Management BC Website or contact the PRRD at 250-784-3200.

Additional emergency support available in Fort St. John for evacuees has been extended until Sunday, September 18th.

For the latest updates on forest fires in B.C. Peace click here.

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