HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) continues to build guards and conduct planned ignition operations to bring the Battleship Mountain wildfire to its control lines.

When conditions allow, planned ignition operations will take place to remove sections of unburnt fuel and to bring the edge of the fire to areas crews can safely access, says BCWS.

BCWS reports that a unit crew is constructing a “hand guard” in areas that heavy equipment cannot access. This handguard will reportedly connect to another guard already established on the southeast edge of the fire.

According to the BCWS, smoke on the Battleship Mountain wildfire continues to linger in the vicinity of the mountain and is drifting northeast.

BCWS says smoke has lifted on the southwest flank of the fire, and wind has increased, which has caused the fire to display more aggressive ranked three and four fire behaviour.

BCWS reports rank one and two fire behaviour on other parts of the fire.

According to the Government of B.C., Rank 1 is a smouldering ground fire, rank 2 is a low vigour surface fire, rank 3 is a moderately vigorous surface fire, and rank 4 is a highly vigorous surface fire with torching or a passive crown fire.

The ranks go up to rank 6.

The update says wildfire activity will also increase as temperatures and wind speeds increase.

“Tree candling” and a more organized flame front may be observed later today. According to the Government of B.C., candling is when a tree or a small clump of trees ignites and flares up, typically from bottom to top.

On the western flank, a unit crew is now using direct attack methods and hand ignitions to remove sections of unburnt fuel to bring the fire’s edge to areas they can more easily access.

Near Carbon Lake, a unit crew is working to secure a 10-foot “black-line” near property. This means creating an area where no fuel is left. Crews will “mop up” where the fire has come to the road, extinguishing the fire to ensure it doesn’t spread.

On the fire’s south flank, heavy equipment continues to build guard off the Johnson Forest Service Road towards Wright Lake and from the Gething Forest Service Road towards Wright Lake from the south.

Danger tree assessors and fallers are also working along the Johnson Forest Service Road.

On Wright Lake, personnel are reportedly working to locate suitable places for containment lines.

Structure protection crews also continue to monitor and conduct tests on the sprinkler and water delivery systems.

There are currently 68 firefighters, 20 pieces of heavy equipment and five danger tree assessors and fallers supporting the work on this wildfire.

Additionally, there are 61 structure protection personnel working, five of which are working on night operations.

Twelve helicopters are being shared between the fires of the Battleship Complex.

The District of Hudson’s Hope has declared a state of emergency, and both the district and the Peace River Regional District have issued an evacuation order for the area.

A recent update from the PRRD says registered livestock producers can find more information for relocation and compensation on the Emergency Management BC Website or contact the PRRD at 250-784-3200.

Additional emergency support available in Fort St. John for evacuees has been extended until Sunday, September 18th.

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