FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Scoop Clothing is hosting its annual Denim Drive for the Women’s Resource Society this week.

From September 12th to 17th, Fort St. John residents are invited to bring their gently-used denim donations to Scoop Clothing to be donated to the Women’s Resource Society.

A $30 credit will be given to participants to go towards a new pair of jeans.

Scoop Clothing manager, Whitney Armstrong, estimates that this is the fifth Denim Drive the store has done.

It began as part of the Women Resource Society’s “Dress for Success” program but became the team at Scoop Clothing bringing in denim for women in need.

Last year, they had 110 pairs to bring to the society, but Armstrong says it’s been slow this year.

She says she might extend the promotion for another week because “the point isn’t about people getting a credit, it’s more about being able to support the Women’s Resource Society.”

Armstrong adds that this event is something both groups look forward to every year.

“Sometimes people overlook how important it is to get a good quality pair of jeans, cuz that is not something everybody can afford,” Armstrong explained.

“I think it’s a good time and a good reminder for people to also do their once-a-year closet cleanout [and] see what else you could donate as well.”

She says that though they only accept denim at the store, the Women’s Resource Society may accept donations of other clothing items at their location.

The executive director of the Women’s Resource Society, Amanda Trotter, says they are starting to look for winter clothing as they head into the colder season.

“We are asking people, please do not donate summer clothes for us,” she said.

They are looking for winter jackets, toques, socks and bedding.

“We like to have some in stock and ready to rock and roll because we live in Fort St. John, and it could snow tomorrow,” Trotter added.

She says the society is proud to be partnering with Scoop Clothing again.

“Whitney is absolutely fantastic to us from Scoop, and Paulette [Flamond] has always been really, really good and very helpful to us in the past in terms of partnerships with Scoop Clothing,” Trotter said.

“We are delighted to be able to be part of this partnership again, and we are just so thankful to all of their shoppers for what they do as well.”

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