UPDATE: Cooler weather a good sign for Battleship Mountain wildfire

UPDATE: As of Monday afternoon, the Battleship Mountain wildfire grew to 28,765 hectares according to the BC Wildfire Service. The fire is now 4km away from the W.A.C. Bennett Dam and 8km from Hudson’s Hope.

HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — The Battleship Mountain wildfire grew over the weekend due to weather conditions, but calmer winds and cooler nights are a good sign for the Battleship Complex Incident team.

According to the Battleship complex incident commander, Scott Rennick, it was a “pretty tough weekend in terms of fire growth.”

But now that cooler evenings are coming in, they are looking at going on the offensive, says Rennick.

Heavy equipment has moved in and is working on establishing a south line using the Johnson Forest Service Road towards Wright Lake to get tighter in on the fire.

The weather shift also helped the team out on Sunday, as winds were “relatively calm.”

This change in weather caused good visibility on the east flank.

Rennick says they conducted a controlled burn using the Utah Forest Service Road, Table Creek Forest Service Road and the Johnson Forest Service Road.

He says they managed to complete just under 30 kilometres of a control line, using the slope and fuel to their advantage.

Rennick says some spotting areas could pose some risk, but they are looking to burn those out to take away that potential.

He says they are “cautiously optimistic” regarding weather and operations on Monday.

Throughout the night, the team held the line and did some tidying work as well as suppression work.

Additionally, helicopters have been supporting the heavy equipment in this endeavour.

The District of Hudson’s Hope has declared a state of emergency, and both the district and the Peace River Regional District have issued an evacuation order.


There are 65 firefighters, 21 firefighters on the night crew, 70 structure protection personnel, six structure protection personnel on the night crew, 15 pieces of heavy equipment, seven additional operating staff and seven danger tree assessors and fallers attending the Battleship Mountain wildfire.

There are also 12 helicopters being shared between the fires of the Battleship Complex as needed, according to the BC Wildfire Service.

The full video update can be viewed below:

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