HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – The Battleship Mountain Wildfire threatening the town of Hudson’s Hope is also nearing critical public infrastructure: the Peace Canyon and WAC Bennett Dams and generating stations.

Despite the wildfire being just four kilometres away from the WAC Bennet Dam, no BC Hydro infrastructure has so far been impacted by the blaze, according to a statement from the crown corporation on September 12th. 

“Work is being conducted to further protect BC Hydro’s people, assets, and infrastructure,” according to a statement found on Twitter.

While evacuation orders are in effect in the area where the dams operate, BC Hydro says the critical public facilities will continue to operate with limited staff.

Plans, however, are in place should any risk to that vital electricity infrastructure be realized. 

“BC Hydro has well-established plans to support the reliable supply of power to the province should the fire risk change to either the generation or transmission system,” the utility company said.

The WAC Bennett and Peace Canyon Dams provide a massive portion of the province’s electricity.

The BC Hydro emergency coordination centre was activated last weekend to support employees and operations at both hydroelectric dams in the currently evacuated area.

Crews, the statement continued, train throughout the calendar year so that active response plans can fall into place at a moment’s notice.

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Grace Giesbrecht

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