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It’s crazy to think that summer is now over, and we are entering fall. September tends to bring a sense of normalcy as everyone returns from holidays and students return to classes. Here at, we feel like it’s a great time to recap everything we’ve been doing over the last couple of months, thanks to all of your support.

Over the summer and even starting at the beginning of the year, we have grown and changed as a news organization. For example, in April, we completely revamped the website, offering new capabilities behind the scenes and hopefully providing an updated reader experience for you. Other changes include new journalists joining the team, expanding our podcasts, and more.

But first, let’s start with what feedback we got from you, our readers.

Survey Says

Back in February, we announced that we were going to be running a project called Media Evolution, where we surveyed a bunch of our readers to better understand how people interact with the news, what they like about, and suggestions for change moving forward.

We have also run a couple of smaller surveys from our newsletter audience to see what they thought as well. Here are some of the suggestions we received from you via these surveys:

  • “Just a thought on the many interesting characters in our town.”
  • “More ‘truth to power’ articles exposing the policies, issues and actions of every level of governing bodies locally, regionally and nationally.”
  • “Potential for podcast series on stories that could use a more in-depth look.”
  • “Long-term staffing creates trust.”
  • “Regular education pieces about how citizens can contact media with story pitches, content, and opportunities to share community happenings.”

Thanks to these suggestions and more, we are adjusting our internal policies and creating a new series for you to enjoy. A great example of this is how our staff has changed.

Welcome to the Team

Back in 2021, we started the year with just three reporters covering the day-to-day news. Because of the support from our readers and the demand to cover more areas, we now have six writers!

With this talented staff, we now have a civic reporter, video reporting, and someone to focus on Indigenous news in our area, all while still covering the daily news and events. Plus, we are now delving into investigative journalism, with our first series coming out later this fall.

We are also working behind-the-scenes to better train our reporters to be ready for the unique situations they may face in our region. Plus, we are providing more ways to interact with local stories, such as podcasts and newsletters!

Peace Region Podcasts & Newsletters

Along with our main show Moose Talks, we have grown our podcasts to include Voices of the Peace and Before the Peace. Our goal with these shows was to showcase our region’s local people and the history that makes it so great to live. Thanks to all of our listeners, we have now had our shows downloaded over 40,000 times!

Because of your support, we will be exploring more subjects in podcast form, so stay tuned to find out more!

Plus, we have expanded our newsletter offerings. Along with almost 4,000 people, you can get your daily news and events straight to your inbox with our daily newsletter. Want to stay up to date on local politics? Thanks to your support, we have started a new weekly newsletter called Peace Politics that summarizes the important happenings in councils across Northeast B.C.

Speaking of support, let’s talk about our reader revenue project.

I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends

As a local and independent news organization, there are many ways we keep the doors open. This is a combination of digital advertising on the site, partnerships with local businesses, and government grants that many small businesses utilize.

A new form of revenue that many news sites are trying comes directly from readers. Reader revenue is when you donate directly to a news organization on a monthly, yearly, or one-time interval. We then use these funds to continue to grow our coverage and team. An example of this is how we were able to start our foray into investigative journalism thanks to our Supporters.

We are happy to state that we have over 50 people contributing to us directly! To find out more or to become a Supporter, click here.

Thanks for Reading!

As you can see, we’ve had a busy summer, and it’s all thanks to you, our readers. And don’t worry, we aren’t done yet! We have a bunch of ideas we are excited to try and get your feedback on. The only thing we won’t change is that we will always be your source of local, independent news in Northeast B.C.

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