PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. — Former under 15 Bantam Trackers Mason Loewen and Dane Dietz hit the ice with the Prince George Cougars over the weekend for their first WHL training camp.

The two boys started the weekend with registration, photos and fitness testing led by athletic therapist Mitchell Karapita and equipment manager Dane Englehardt.

There were practices and on-ice testing on day two, followed by two scrimmages.

Loewen from Charlie Lake and Dietz from Fort St. John were both on Team Connolly and played in the second scrimmage of the evening. Though they lost, Loewen scored a goal for his team.

Loewen and Dietz played again early on day three, losing to Team Byfuglien 7-3.

Later that same day, they played against Team Chara, barely losing 7-6. Dietz scored a goal in this game.

On day 4, Team Connolly won against Team Chara 4-2.

Loewen spent two seasons with the U15 Trackers, and Dietz played one season. Both also joined the U18 Trackers last season.

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