FAIRVIEW, ALTA – Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. has been issued an Inspection Officer Order from the Canada Energy Regulator after a contract worker was seriously injured at its Bear Canyon worksite.

According to the CER, on August 26th, the worker sustained severe injuries after being struck by a 24- metre long pipe weighing over 6 tonnes that fell off a trailer while it was being unloaded with the help of a deckhand and an excavator.

The regulator says the contractor’s written work instructions, also known as the job safety analysis, failed to identify necessary safety precautions.

“The JSA used by workers to carry out the task failed to identify critical steps, including the spotter’s responsibility to ensure workers were out of the line of fire prior to the deckhand making contact with the pipe and the method by which the spotter communicated with the
deckhand operator that it was safe to proceed with unloading the pipe,” the CER said in a report.

When the Inspection Officer interviewed the lone NGTL representative on-site at the time of the incident, they reportedly stated that they were unfamiliar with the JSA.

CER says this demonstrates that the representative did not have adequate knowledge of the pipe unloading work that is required of the company to oversee worker safety related to the task.

As a result, CER has ordered NGTL to stop pipe unloading activities on the North Corridor Expansion Project until the IO has confirmed in writing that the company has demonstrated that contractors unloading pipes on behalf of NGTL have sufficient written work procedures to perform work safely. CER also requires that NGTL representatives supervising pipe unloading have the knowledge and training to “competently carry out their safety-related responsibilities.”

NGTL must also give the IO a written corrective and preventive action plan (CAPA) by September 21st, 2022, detailing how the company will verify that all contractors completing pipe unloading activities on behalf of the company have adequate work procedures to perform work safely and prevent a reoccurrence of the incident.

The plan also needs to describe how the company will verify that NGTL representatives are trained to oversee pipe unloading activities and fulfill their role in the context of worker safety.

Additionally, the company must provide the IO with written updates every month starting on September 30th, 2022, until the CAPA has been completed.

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