FORT NELSON, B.C. — Fort Nelson is facing some grocery stock delays due to the Sikanni Chief River bridge fire that occurred Thursday evening.

Kate Reid, the assistant store manager at IGA in Fort Nelson, says the shelves may look a little bare, but they are doing what they can.

“We’re waiting on our truck. They’re going the long route,” she explained.

“We’re hoping to have a truck coming on Tuesday evening.”

The truck IGA is currently waiting for was supposed to be its “Friday truck.” The truck’s less-direct route caused the delay.

Reid says they plan to have a team working overnight to get the stock on the shelves for the following day.

Currently, she calls the store lucky because they still have meat to put on the shelves.

“Our dairy is empty in terms of jugs of milk, but we still have some lactose-free options and yogurt,” Reid said.

She says the eggs and fresh produce are starting to dwindle, but she hopes people will get creative while waiting for the truck.

Reid adds they are also “really lucky” to have the farmers market in town to supplement some of the gaps in food supplies.

Reid says they will be posting on their Facebook page for updated information.

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality was not available for immediate comment.

According to DriveBC, there is single-lane alternating traffic on the Sikanni Chief River bridge, which is open to passenger vehicles, travel trailers and RVs. Commercial vehicles 15,500 kilograms and under must call 250-774-6956 for clearance to cross.

DriveBC adds that an assessment is in progress.

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