PINK MOUNTAIN, B.C. — William Jensen, manager at Buffalo Inn, has taken in a few stranded travellers due to the vehicle incident on Highway 97.

Jensen says that Buffalo Inn is located about 20 kilometres from the accident that closed the highway at Sikanni Chief River.

“We don’t even know if the bridge is gonna be open today,” Jensen said.

Last night, he said there were seven check-ins after the accident.

Jensen says even though the phone lines and debit machines are down in the area, they will make arrangements, such as taking down debit information to charge later, if affected drivers don’t have cash.

“We’re just making sure people are housed and fed,” he said.

Talking to some travellers and from what he’s seen online, he has an idea of what might have happened.

“That’s to the best of my knowledge. It was the tanker truck that rolled over. That’s what I’ve been told and from what I’ve seen in the pictures,” he explained.

Jensen at the Buffalo Inn can be reached at 780-604-4175 while phone lines are down.

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