Local man housing three Ukrainians arriving from Poland

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A local man, Scott Harse, took to Facebook to look for a pool for a Ukrainian family coming to the region on Friday.

The family, consisting of a mom and her two girls, lands at the North Peace Regional Airport at midnight on Friday after staying with her sister in Poland.

When the family lands, the youngest daughter must quarantine for two weeks due to her vaccine status, according to Harse.

Harse was looking for something for the young girl to do outside while staying on the property. After having trouble shopping for a pool, he decided to put a call out to the community.

“[Just to] see if anyone’s got a pool tucked in their back shed that they don’t want or they haven’t been using, or maybe they upgraded,” he explained.

He got around 12 responses from people wanting to help out. A woman reached out who had a pool still in the box.

“I built steps leading up to it and a ladder going down into it out of wood,” Harse said.

He adds that another man might provide him with a pump as the pool didn’t come with one.

“We put together a nice little pool care package for her,” Harse explained.

He called the response from the community wonderful and a “great overwhelming response from everybody.”

The mom of the two girls is a teacher who has already secured a job at School District 60. The older daughter may be attending post-secondary for “IT stuff,” and Harse is looking into options at NLC.

Harse has “decked out” the upstairs of his home to accommodate the three women, who have already seen the space and are happy with it.

“The young girls have never had their own bedroom. The young girl goes, ‘I’m gonna move to Canada. I get my own room, and I get my own pool. Only in Canada,'” he said.

He says he is prepared to financially support them until they are settled and mentions they will always have a place at his home.

He had keys cut with a sunflower pattern and put on a “Canadian lanyard” for the girls to keep.

“No matter where they go in their travels in Canada, from here on in, they’ll always have a home here,” he said. “This is their home now.”

The family has a lot of travel in front of them this week. According to Harse, they will take a train from Poland to Paris on Wednesday, then from Paris to Calgary, and then from Calgary to Fort St. John.

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