ROSE PRAIRIE, B.C. — The North Peace Fall Fair saw over 5,500 visitors over the weekend.

Bruce Christensen, president of the North Peace Fall Fair, says around 5,000 adults and seniors and over 500 children attended the 75th annual event.

There wasn’t a lot of space that wasn’t being used, according to Christensen.

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As is commonplace for the fair, you couldn’t look around without seeing “tractors, horses, people and rabbits, you name it.”

“We had over 75 tractors; we had over 75 horses,” Christensen said.

The fair also saw more entries for hog, swine and goat events than they’ve seen in recent years, according to Christensen.

(Jordan Prentice)

On top of the long list of events that took place over the weekend, two “Pioneer of the Year” awards were given out.

Ron and Noreen Kramer received the first award for being long-time supporters of the fair.

Christensen says he isn’t sure how long they’ve been involved, but it has become a family affair with the Kramer’s kids and grandkids now taking part.

“Their grandsons are involved with the tractor pull, heavily,” he said.

“I think they brought something like six tractors over, and Mrs. Kramer actually pulls one as well.”

The other award went to Gerald and Gail Peters, who have been involved for at least 25 years.

Gerald has been very involved with getting the park ready to operate, particularly the water system. He also brings out equipment and helps with tree removal, as he is a logger, said Christensen.

Gerald was also the past vice-president of the North Peace Fall Fair, and Gail is currently the treasurer.

Gail has also served the fair as a secretary, and on Tuesday nights leading up to the fair, she would cook for the volunteers.

Christensen says next year’s Fall Fair is also looking good in the volunteer department.

“People came up to me over the course of the weekend, they came up to the other chair people over the course of the weekend, and said, ‘we want to help,'” he said.

Christensen would also like to thank the volunteers and sponsors this year.

“Without them, this wouldn’t happen,” he noted.”[With our] sponsorship, it’s hard to comment on how generous they are.”

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