Taylor Fire Rescue welcomes new deputy fire chief

TAYLOR, B.C. – The District of Taylor welcomes a new Deputy Fire Chief, Kristine Doerksen.

Doerksen has been firefighting since 2008, when she started volunteering in Taylor. From there, she fell in love with the job.

She added more to her experience over the years, including working as a captain training officer in the Village of Chase.

As she progressed in her career, Doerksen moved up the ranks, working in industrial, wildland, and airport fire departments.

“And here I am now,” Doerksen said.

“I had always wanted to move into a position for deputy chief, and I had planned for it maybe later on, but it came sooner than I thought, and I applied, and I was honoured enough to be a candidate.”

During her time at the Taylor Fire Rescue, she won firefighter of the year in 2011 and again in 2019 when she was a lieutenant. Additionally, in 2020, she was awarded “community champion.”

Her official title is Deputy Fire Chief Protective Services Specialist.

“I work, of course, with the fire department and all the calls that we go on between road rescue, fire calls, and medical calls and everything else in between,” she explained.

“Then, I also work with our emergency services and emergency management teams. And of course, we also deal a little bit with the bylaw and Taylor.”

Doerksen has lived in the area since she was a teenager, and besides the four years she and her husband lived in Kamloops, they’ve lived in Taylor.

“I just love Taylor. I love the community. I have a great working relationship with the volunteer group,” Doerksen explained.

“I’ve grown up, so to speak, with them and the community. I love what it stands for. It’s a close-knit community. So I can’t wait to be part of it in the deputy chief role in a full-time aspect.”


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