UPDATE: Previously, the article stated equines with EIA could be quarantined 200 yards from other animals for the rest of their life. According to the CFIA, they must be euthanized.

The Equine Disease Communication Centre is reporting that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed a horse in Peace River C has tested positive for equine infectious anemia (EIA)

Peace River C, or Peace River Electoral Area C, includes Baldonnel, Charlie Lake, Clairemont, Grandhaven, Old Fort, and Two Rivers.

According to the EDCC, EIA is a viral disease that attacks horses’ immune systems. The virus is transmissible through the exchange of bodily fluids, commonly by blood-feeding insects or the use of blood-contaminated instruments.

The horse’s owners reportedly recognized the clinical signs and requested the horse be tested. The owners had rescued the affected horse earlier this spring.

EDCC says the CFIA is currently investigating, and the facility where the infected horse lives is under quarantine.

“Earlier reports indicate other horses reside on the property with the affected horse. Movement controls and biosecurity protocols will remain in place until the affected horse is euthanized and follow-up testing occurs,” EDCC said in a statement.

The centre says not all equines infected show symptoms, but infected animals can exhibit progressive body condition loss, muscle weakness, reduced stamina, fever, depression, and anemia.

Once a horse is infected, it has the disease for life and can spread the disease. There is no vaccine or cure for EIA.

According to the CFIA, “the equines that test positive for EIA will be ordered destroyed.”

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