In Coastal Gaslink’s July construction update, the company said it expects the project to be 70 per cent complete by the end of summer.

CGL stated that the project was 66 per cent complete as of the end of June.

The company said that the Wilde Lake Compressor Station, located in Groundbirch, is “approaching the finish line,” with overall construction progress sitting at almost 90 per cent.

CGL says pipeline installation from west of Dawson Creek to the south of Chetwynd is now complete. However, work continues in order to finish testing and advance final clean-up and reclamation efforts.

The company noted that crews reportedly completed a caliper tool run of the section and the Groundbirch connector with no pipe anomalies.

The route from the south of Chetwynd to the east of Mcleod Lake has been 100 per cent cleared and graded. In total, 40.8 percent of the required pipes have also been installed.

CGL says nearly 60 per cent of all pipe has been welded, and 100 per cent pipeline completion has been achieved in two out of the eight sections.

More than 325 kilometres of pipe has been installed across the 670-kilometre route.

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