TAYLOR, BC – Car enthusiasts get ready- Peace Auto Fest is back at the Taylor chain up and this year will have some new events in tow.

Event organizer, Kaylyn Sneft, said the upcoming auto fest will feature a limbo. 

“You have to make it under the bar under the car’s own power,” said Sneft. “Cars that have static or stock suspension, you can put as many people on it or in it as humanly possible. So, it lowers the car with the weight and ends up being 10, 15 people piled on top of cars trying to go underneath a bar.”

The event is open to the public and friendly for all ages. Attendees can check out autocross, an interior sound competition, and a drift expo open for anyone to participate in. 

Peace auto fest is free to attend, with the exception of a $60 day pass for autocross. Registration for those wanting to participate in the show and shine is $10.

Sneft said the best part about Peace auto fest is that it brings many different types of people together who share the same passion.

“You get to meet a whole bunch of cool different people, learn some new things, have good conversations with people.” 

Peace auto fest will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 20tht to 21st.

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