TAYLOR, B.C. – The 50th anniversary of the World’s Invitational Gold Panning Championship held in Taylor wrapped up on Sunday, with Brenda Gejdos taking home first place.

The championship took place at Peace Island Park from July 29th to 31st and featured gold panning competitions and vendors selling handmade goods.

(Jordan Prentice, Energeticcity.ca)

The event was started by the late Dorse Prosser and Jesse Starnes and has been held in Taylor since 1972.

The first championship took place on the banks of the Peace River, adjacent to the railway bridge. From 1973 onwards, the event was held at Peace Island Park.

Class A:

  1. Brenda Gejdos
  2. Kelly Gejdos
  3. Trina Barrette
    Fine: Kelly Gejdos
    Speed: Tyson Gejdos
    Skill: Trina Barrette

Class B:

  1. Dorri Larestone
  2. Frankie Barrette
  3. Jonathan Garner
    Fine: Dorri Larestone
    Speed: Andrew Barrette
    Skill: Dorri Larestone

Class C Adult:

  1. Keth Lubke
  2. Wayne Shoenenberger
  3. Jean McRae

Class C Juvenile:

  1. Luella Barrette
  2. Berlin Barrette
  3. Conlin Barrette
(Jordan Prentice, Energeticcity.ca)

Juvenile Open:

  1. Frankie Barrette
  2. Jennifer Finnie
  3. Luella Barrette

Metal Detecting Adult:

  1. Kelly Gejdos
  2. Frank Gejdos
  3. Hunter Smiley

Metal Detecting Juvenile:

  1. Maizy Taillefer
  2. Hazel Taillefer
  3. Hank Taillefer

Celebrity/Sponsor media:

  1. Mayor Rob Fraser
  2. Matt Preprost
  3. Blake Brown
Rob Fraser, Mayor, District of Taylor (Jordan Prentice, Energeticcity.ca)

Claimstaking Adult:

  1. Tyson Gejdos
  2. Robert McAleney
  3. Dave Coupland

Claimstaking Juvenile:

  1. Elizabeth Hull
  2. Keagan Wilson
  3. Frankie Barrette

Bannock Baking:

  1. Robin Rosborough
  2. Barb Dan & Trista Hott
  3. Garrett & Tyson Gejdos

Shailynn Foster

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