Legend says there’s old treasure that was lost over time that only the descendants of Fort St. John Pirates will be destined to find- are you one of them?

The Dairy Queen Treasure Hunt is back,  and it’s your time to dig, discover and adventure the town looking for treasure now.

Grab your maps and trek the town for the Dairy Queen Treasure Hunt and all lost treasure.

Tune into 100.1 Moose FM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:50, so Dub & Catarina give you clues. Clues will be posted on Social Media at 8:10 AM.

You can win some sweet prizes, like a 1500 gift card to Brad’s Furniture for a new Mattress or Box Spring, or a Helicopter ride for you and four friends from Baileys Helicopter. Maybe you’ll find a spa day from The Hairbin. The prizes feel endless.

The Annual Dairy Queen Treasure Hunt. Brought to you by Baileys Helicopters, Brad’s Furniture, The Hair Bin, Carters, FSJ Return It & Moose FM.