BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – Bo Hedges and Team Canada are coming home with silver medals after losing a close game against Australia in England on Tuesday.

Colin Higgins led the team with five points and five rebounds. Vincent Dallaire added three points and four rebounds, while Bo Hedges contributed one point and two rebounds.

Though Team Canada had an early lead in the gold medal game at the Commonwealth Games, Australia quickly caught up to earn gold.

Team Canada shot 9 of 21 from the field and were out-rebounded 18 to 14 in the loss.

Australia seemed to have Canada’s number at the games. During round-robin play on Friday, Canada lost to Australia, 13-11.

The Canadian women’s team, however, were able to beat Australia in the gold medal game.

However, the women’s team took home the gold after their match against Australia, beating them 14-5.

Kady Dandeneau had a game-high six points and 10 rebounds. Tamara Steeves added four points and two rebounds, while Élodie Tessier and Tara Llanes each chipped in two points in the victory.

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