FORT ST. JOHN, BC – Four Fort St. John teams will hit the water for the return of the Peace River Gold Cup this weekend.

Trapper Wolsey (Leroy), Clayton Wolsey (Dirty Harry), Stacy Kelm (XCalibur), and Clint Mohr (Mohr Aggressive), will all represent Fort St. John running CX class.

This Friday marks the return of the gold cup after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

Felix Bergeron of the Peace River Boating Association says the best place to watch the races is anywhere along the dykes in the town of Peace River.

He notes that the excitement is in the air after such a lengthy break.

“It’s one of those things that once people don’t do it for a little while, it kind of gets forgotten, but as soon as you bring it back, it brings a whole bunch of excitement back to the town,” said Bergeron.

According to Fort St. John local and 2019 Gold Cup Champion Gord Humphrey (Unnatural Disaster), Peace River’s Chad Burns (Bad Habit) will be tough competition.

Humphrey, who is unable to compete this year, also said he is rooting for Burns to win this year’s cup.

“I lent him a gearbox and some parts for him able to run this race. So, hopefully, my parts and pieces win the race,” said Humphrey. 

The Peace River Gold Cup takes place from Friday to Sunday.

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