FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After Roe v. Wade was overturned in the United States in June, a local woman, Whitney Armstrong, wrote a letter outlining her concerns to the member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, Bob Zimmer.

Armstrong penned the letter following the widely criticized decision from Canada’s southern neighbour and when she noticed a list of “Members of Parliament with an Anti-choice Stance” circulating on social media from the Abortions Rights Coalition of Canada.

She noticed that the local member of parliament, Zimmer, was on the list as “anti-choice.”

Access to abortion is available with some support in the northeast, however, only through a doctor’s referral.

Armstrong reached out to Zimmer in different ways, also making the letter public, in hopes of getting a response from Northeast B.C.’s representative in the House of Commons, as she would like to hear him out.

She posted the letter across several social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, tagging Zimmer in the post.

On Instagram, his tag was purposely removed from her post by someone from his team.

The posts across social media have garnered over 600 shares.

Armstrong says she got a “generic” reply saying the email has been received and he’ll get back to her.

After almost a month since the letter was made public, Zimmer has not gotten back to Armstrong.

Bob Zimmer has also not been available for Energeticcity’s multiple requests for comment.

Armstrong thinks his choices in votes come from a place of privilege and a place of possible religious belief.

“But at the end of the day, that’s not really his choice to make. I wanted to have him address it,” she said.

She worries about the Canadian Government overturning R v. Morgentaler, the Canadian equivalent to Roe v. Wade. However, R v. Morgentaler decriminalizes abortion in the country, it does not make abortion a right like Roe v. Wade.

“I just personally believe it’s not really anybody else’s place to tell a person what to do with their body,” she explained, “It shouldn’t be up for being overturned.”

She says that the number of anti-choice MP’s is concerning, “especially with being on the precipice of another election.”

“I think it’s always best to talk about things now versus later because you never know what’ll happen in politics,” she said.

Armstrong encourages others to write their own letters to Zimmer or their members of Parliament regarding this matter.

She already has many people resharing her letter and tagging Zimmer again.

“He doesn’t seem to really respond via social media,” she added.

She has high hopes for her letter though, hoping to change some minds regarding abortion.

“I’d like them to stop being anti-choice because I don’t think it’s their place to tell other people just because you believe it’s wrong,” she said.

“It’s not your decision to make for another person. They’re not gonna be the ones caring for a child.”

In regards to Zimmer specifically, she wants him to vote in favour of abortion rights because he has women followers.

“He has women in his community and in his electoral regions that he needs to be looking out for,” she said.

“I would just love to see him say something. Kind of hear what he has to say, why he votes the way he does. I think it’s kind of, a little ignorant not saying anything. We’re obviously trying to ask him questions. He’s working for the people, basically, but he’s not responding. But if it was about guns, maybe he would be. He’s only gonna respond to things he wants to.”

Zimmer has voted in favour of two anti-choice bills, Bill C-225 in 2016 and Bill C-233 in 2021. He has labelled himself a pro-life person during the second reading of Bill C-243 in 2017.

Bill C-225 was to amend the Criminal Code to make it an offence to cause injury or death to a “preborn child” while committing or attempting to commit an offence against a pregnant woman and to add pregnancy as an aggravating circumstance for sentencing.

Bill C-225 was struck down in its second reading.

Bill C-233 was also to amend the Criminal Code to make it an offence for a medical practitioner to perform an abortion knowing it is on the grounds of the child’s genetic sex.

It would have also required the minister of health, after consultations with provincial governments’ health authorities, to establish guidelines regarding the information provided by a medical practitioner concerning a request for an abortion.

This bill was also struck down in its second reading. staff also tried to reach out to three different churches and the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre to no avail.

Shailynn Foster

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