Co-op Community Champion: Jocelyn Mckenna

Jocelyn Mckenna, the Co-op Community Champion for July, has worked as a nurse in the Fort St. John area for over a decade.

The individual who nominated Mckenna described her as someone who “genuinely cares for all her clients and goes the extra mile with little appreciation.”

After hearing why she was being nominated, Mckenna said it was nice to hear as nurses don’t usually receive recognition.

“Obviously, people don’t feel good when we see them. So, not everybody thinks to say thank you or be appreciative. So it’s nice to hear,” said Mckenna.

“Like all the nurses in town, I think everybody really tries their best. It’s a tough business to be in these days.”

Mckenna is from Saskatchewan and moved to Dawson Creek to attend nursing school. After completing the program, she stayed in the Peace to be near family since her sister moved to Fort St. John while Mckenna was attending school.

According to Mckenna, nursing is somewhat of a family business as her grandma was a nurse, her two cousins are nurses, and her mom worked in healthcare.

Working at the Fort St. John Health Unit, Mckenna says her motivation is simply loving her job and being able to help people in the community.

“I just really like my job. I don’t know, I get really, really good job satisfaction. I don’t mind going to work. I like the people I meet. It’s nice to see people who are not feeling good, and then they’re better again by the end of the time you see them.”

Through the health unit, Mckenna practices community-based nursing, where she travels and cares for patients at their homes. Her patients include seniors and post-surgery patients.

Mckenna is also self-described as a “bad foster parent” because she kept every cat she has taken in as a foster.

“I ended up keeping all of the ones that we fostered. Yeah, we don’t actively foster, but we still have all our cats. We have some property now in Charlie lake, so we had more room to take more in.”

Co-op highlights people in Fort St. John who should be recognized for their work in the community. Anyone looking to nominate a community-minded person in need of recognition can head to Energeticcity’s website.

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