Crossfit Exhale and SJA Promo partner in BMADD’s honour, donate to Palliative Care Society

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John and District’s Palliative Care Society received a cheque from SJA Promo and Crossfit Exhale in Crossfit athlete Brian Maddigan’s honour after he lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.

A cheque was presented to the society for $1,344 on July 21st, thanks to the sale of “#BMADD Hero WOD” (workout of the day) shirts and hoodies made in Maddigan’s honour.

Hero and Tribute Workouts are a tradition in the CrossFit community, typically in tribute to veterans or first responders.

“Brian, or BMADD as he was known, was such a big part of the CrossFit Exhale community that his passing impacted us all, so we wanted to honour him with a #BMADD WOD, or Workout of the Day,” said Bobbi Moore, owner of CrossFit Exhale.

“Each part of the workout has significance to Brian and his cancer battle.”

Maddigan didn’t want to spend the last days of his life in hospital, so his family reached out to the Fort St. John District Palliative Care Society for help.

The society was able to provide everything that was needed so that he could be at home with his family until his passing.

“We were only able to bring Brian home because of their support, and we’re forever grateful,” said Tara Maddigan, Brian’s wife.

“We wanted to be able to give back to help ensure their services are available for all that need them.”

This was when the “#BMADD Hero WOD” shirts and hoodies idea came to fruition.

Together with SJA Promo, the design and an online store were created to make it easy to order products.

“When Quinn came, because Quinn is Brian’s niece, and when she was talking about what they were doing and knew that we could do online stores, it was just a much easier way to gather all of the orders,” said L.J. Lawson, marketing and business development with SJA Promo.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase was donated to the Palliative Care Society. Over 100 items were sold, and $672 was raised.

“And then as they kept coming in, Quinn can attest, we were just so excited,” Lawson said. “It’s like, oh my gosh. There’s so many more in again today. SJA Promo just couldn’t help but jump in and match the donation,” she continued.

“It was just amazing. We thought maybe 40 to 50 shirts in the beginning, and 117 [were sold]. It was fabulous to see how the CrossFit community came together. What a great way to honour Brian, for sure.”


  • AMRAP 41 – Brian was 41 years old at the time of his passing
  • 8 Power Snatch 115/75 – He battled cancer for 8 months
  • 9 Back Squats – He was born in September
  • 200M Run – He was born on September 20th
  • 80 Double Unders – He was born in 1980
  • 3 Ring Muscle Ups – He passed away in March
  • 25′ Handstand Walk – He passed away on March 25th
  • 22 GHD Sit-ups – He passed away in 2022
#BMADD Hero WOD (Provided – SJA Promo)

The Palliative Care Society was grateful for the donation and recognition.

“Recognition within the community is what we’re wanting, and this is so helpful to do that, and then people understand more of what we’re about,” said Joanne Young, treasurer of the society.

“How they may need us at one time, in different ways though too, not just in the home, we’re available in the hospital too.”

Michelle O’Laney, the program coordinator for the society, says the funds will go back into the community bed program. This program provides hospital beds, which have specific functions designed to provide comfort for patients, for community members.

“We have 15 hospital beds that we got from Peace Villa, and they are put into the community to bring the families together, in their homes, when they don’t want to pass in the hospital,” she said, explaining the program that helped Brian pass in his own home.

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