FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After a local homeowner claimed impaired drivers crashed onto her property three times last year, the City of Fort St. John has recently installed barricades to prevent further damage and increase safety.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Rachel Coles thanked the City of Fort St. John for installing the barricades to protect her house, family, and other residents.

Coles also thanked councillor Trevor Bolin for his help in the matter.

In 2021, three vehicles travelling down the East Bypass Road, now known as Northern Lights Drive, have either driven onto Coles’ lawn or actually hit her home.

Bolin heard her concerns and is also thankful the barricades have been implemented.

“I was excited seeing Rachel’s post on Social Media last night letting me know that barricades were being placed in front of the corner where her home is,” Bolin said.

Bolin called the corner a “huge safety concern” and said that other residents on local Facebook groups had expressed their concerns as well.

“The city had a local contractor place numerous concrete barricades in hopes this family won’t have to live with the fear of what happens next time our kids are in the yard playing. This has been another great example of residents reaching out to the city and its councillors with their concerns.”

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Shailynn Foster

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