FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The median income in Fort St. John in 2020 was $51,600, according to data released Wednesday by Statistics Canada.

According to Statistics Canada, 15,960 residents were surveyed — 8,200 men and 7,760 women.

The median income for men in Fort St. John in 2020 was $69,500, while women made $39,200.

In 2015, the average income of Fort St John residents was $48,850, with 15,055 people surveyed — 7,815 men and 7,240 women.

The average income of male residents in 2015 was $70,377, while female residents made $34,044.

Across the Peace region in 2020, the average median income was $48,000, with 45,885 people surveyed. A total of 23,500 men were surveyed with a median income totalling $65,500, while 22,390 women were surveyed with a median income of $36,800.

In 2015, the median income in the Peace was $46,665 with 46,635 residents surveyed —24,090 male residents and 22,540 female residents.

The average income in 2015 for men in the Peace was $63,650, while women in the Peace had a median income of $30,714.

According to a report by the Canadian Press, British Columbians saw higher median incomes in 2020 due to job losses in low-income sectors. Statistics Canada says this is because those who didn’t earn income are not reflected in median income calculations.

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