ROSE PRAIRIE, B.C. – This year’s horse show at the North Peace Fall Fair will have some new events for guests to enjoy.

Horseshow organizers Julia Fellers and Jody Watson have a full weekend planned for August 19th to 21st, featuring additional events, classes and awards.

Fellers says the show starts at around 10 a.m. on Friday, located at the light horse ring directly ahead of the main entrance.

Fellers says on Friday there will be Western and English dressage, while Saturday will mainly be the English classes and jumping, and Sunday will be the Western classes.

Fellers highlighted a new addition to the show that she believes everyone will have fun watching, a ‘Hoof and Woof.’

“On Saturday evening, we’re doing a ‘Hoof and Woof,’ which is a jump course where the agility dogs come, and they get partnered with a horse. So the horse jumps a course, and then their partnered dog runs the agility course in the same ring,” she explains.

“It’s a timed event so that one’s really fun to watch.”

Along with new awards for rookie competitors, Fellers says there will also be a team award.

“Everybody who is entered in the horse show gets put into a team. There’ll be an adult and a junior and a peewee,” she explained.

Fellers says she wanted to do this to encourage participants to mentor each other and meet new people.

“We’re gonna make sure everybody feels welcome at our Fall Fair,” she said.

Online registration is not yet available, but Fellers says it may be open by the end of the week.

For updated information, visit the North Peace Fall Fair Facebook page or the North Peace Fall Fair Horse Show Facebook group.

Shailynn Foster

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