This month’s community champion helped her mother, who was “a month away from being homeless,” get back on her feet.

June’s Co-op Community Champion Morgyn Kivimaa took in her mother to live with her in Fort St. John after her grandparents died.

The 25-year-old’s mom, Krista, says Morgyn recently helped her find her own place and occasionally helps her out with groceries as well.

“When it’s your mom and you see she’s having a rough time, you want to help as best you can,” said Morgyn.

“She raised me as a single parent, and any friend I had in this town that needed a place to stay or a hot shower, she was always there for them with an open door and a hot plate of food.”

Morgyn and Krista moved to Fort St. John in 2009 before her mom left for Saskatchewan in 2014 to be close to her parents. Morgyn says she also lived in Dawson Creek for a while as well.

When Morgyn’s grandparents started getting sick, she moved to Saskatchewan to be with her family. After her grandparents passed, she decided to move back to Fort St. John but didn’t want to leave her mother there all alone.

“I love my mom to death. She’s my best friend,” said Morgyn.

Co-op highlights people in Fort St. John who should be recognized for their work in the community. Anyone looking to nominate a community-minded person in need of recognition, head to Energeticcity’s website.

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