June’s Northern Vision Care Youth Athlete of the Month, Cordelia Millions, has ” too many sports to keep track of” according to her mother, Jenelle.

At 11 years old, Cordelia probably participates in more sports than other kids her age, such as gymnastics, volleyball, surfing, and skiing.

“Her dad is pretty athletic, but for her, it’s definitely her thing. It’s pretty cool to watch,” said Jenelle on her daughter’s love for sports.

Despite being interested in several sports, Cordelia’s favourite is gymnastics.

“Because I’ve done it the longest,” Cordelia said softly.

During the last week of May, Cordelia competed in back-to-back gymnastic events: the Northern Lights Invitational and Zone Championships, where she racked up various medals.

She placed first in two events, resulting in medals for 2nd and 3rd overall in specific categories.

A week after, she attended her first School District 60 track and field meet, placing second in high jump.

The track meet placing surprised Cordelia, but her mother says she is always shocked at her performance.

“When she gets called up on the podium, she always has this shocked look on her face. Like she’s never expecting it.”

Jenelle mentions that her daughter takes part in all this physical activity while mild scoliosis, which is an abnormal-shaped curve in the spine.

“She has to work even harder to succeed despite having a curvature of the spine,” said Jenelle.

“She’s actually so badass.”

The grade 5 student was also a part of Alwin Holland’s volleyball team this year and was called upon to join the boys’ team during a tournament because they were down players during the season.

“Cordelia always had a knack for sports. It’s just something that she loves to do.”

Congratulations to Cordelia Millions for being named the Northern Vision Care Youth Athlete of the Month for June.

If your athlete didn’t win this month, keep nominating! The votes carry over, so keep submitting your picks for the Northern Vision Care Youth Athlete of the Month!

Tre Lopushinsky is the News Director at Energeticcity.ca, and a NAIT broadcasting graduate. His love for local journalism started in Lloydminster, where he realized the importance of covering issues/topics for smaller municipalities. He is also the co-host of Before The Peace, highlighting Indigenous voices in the North Peace. In his off time, Tre is yelling at his tv while watching pro wrestling, MMA, and basketball.