FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Grade 6 students at Anne Roberts Young Elementary school held a “comic-con” for the rest of the school to check out on Thursday.

Weston Clarke, a Grade 6 student, says the class spent the first half of the week excitedly setting up for the event.

He explains that everyone in class made their own superheroes, including a backstory and how they got their powers.

Outside the classroom, many posters were hanging from the ceiling that included many comic book characters.

There were two wheels that students could spin, one where participants had to name the superhero and another with a chance to win a piece of bubble gum.

Clarke had brought in a couple of comic books to show the classes, and another student showed off her Perler Beads creations.

Jason English, the class’s teacher, says younger students earned stickers by asking and answering questions about the created heroes.

English mentions it was a great practice in reading comprehension for the students involved.

Shailynn Foster

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