Last week, the Legislature in Victoria finally wrapped up its lengthy spring legislative session, and government MLAs seemed more than happy to return to their respective ridings, away from the purview of the press and public in Victoria.

But as MLAs return to continue their work in their constituencies for the summer, British Columbians seem more frustrated than ever with the progress our provincial government has made to address the very real challenges British Columbians have and continue to face.

With record-breaking housing prices, the highest gas prices in North America, and the cost of groceries, goods, and other necessities seeing record inflation, life has never been more unaffordable for people.

With nearly half of all British Columbians now $200 away from insolvency, communities across the province are increasingly frustrated that the Province has not done enough to bring real relief to B.C. families.

And affordability is not the only crisis facing our communities. Hospitals and care centres across the province are facing chronic staffing shortages, closures and curtailments, all while doctors, nurses and healthcare staff are being overworked to the point of exhaustion.

The opioid crisis continues to claim the lives of six people every day, while a surge of random and unprovoked violent attacks — primarily from a select group of repeat offenders — is making people feel unsafe in their own neighbourhoods.

Despite years of calls for action from British Columbians for government to hire and recruit additional healthcare staff, provide greater wraparound supports for people struggling with mental health and addictions, and provide relief from the affordability crisis, government seems more interested in announcements, photo-ops, and re-announcements over real, viable action.

Out of all the issues highlighted above, perhaps the most out of touch and shocking event of the spring was when government chose to prioritize a billion-dollar rebuild of the Royal BC Museum.

A billion dollars would hire a lot of doctors and nurses, replace medical equipment, repair our roads and easily replace the much-needed Taylor Bridge and the list goes on! There are countless initiatives British Columbians would prefer to see government prioritize.

British Columbians want to see government take real action and bring real change to our communities and province in the remaining year ahead.

As your MLA, I will continue to work with my colleagues in the Official Opposition to hold government to account and deliver the supports and services our communities need and build a better B.C. for all.

I will also continue to stand up for our resource sector that has been continually ignored by this government. As always, I welcome any comments and can be reached at 250-263-0101.

Written by Dan Davies, MLA for Peace River North

Tre Lopushinsky is the News Director at, and a NAIT broadcasting graduate. His love for local journalism started in Lloydminster, where he realized the importance of covering issues/topics for smaller municipalities. He is also the co-host of Before The Peace, highlighting Indigenous voices in the North Peace. In his off time, Tre is yelling at his tv while watching pro wrestling, MMA, and basketball.