DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – After being reported missing on May 29th, Kristine Kezer was able to find some mushroom pickers who brought her back from Kelly Lake.

Kezer hadn’t been heard from since driving a friend to a campsite on May 25th. She was reported missing on May 29th by a family member.

“She was up there for eight nights and nine days, and she survived it. When she saw the mushroom pickers, she was like, ‘oh my God, I can’t thank you enough’ because really she wasn’t out until she was out,” Kezer’s sister, Kayla Wickes, said.

A massive search unfolded for Kezer, including RCMP helicopters, canines and Search and Rescue volunteers, Wickes told Energeticcity.

Wickes said that Kezer is okay but “has much to heal from.”

“Everyone in our family is just really extremely happy that she’s home and safe. I can’t believe she survived this all; she’s a warrior,” Wickes said.

“We’re all here for each other, and she’s going to be okay.”

Dawson Creek RCMP confirmed that Kezer was found in good health and would like to thank the community, RCMP specialty units, and Search and Rescue for their assistance.

Spencer Hall is a news reporter for energeticcity.ca and a recent graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Radio Arts & Entertainment program. Growing up in Northwest B.C. made Spencer aware of the importance of local journalism, independent media, and reconciliation. In his spare time, you can find Spencer reading, playing video games, or at the FSJ dog park with his dog, Teddy.