Freedom Thinkers Education student wins awards at multiple Science Fairs

BALDONNEL, B.C. – Freedom Thinkers Education student Sage Elliot recently won awards for her science project, “Magnet Magic.

Elliot sought to test the regrowth rate of planaria worms when exposed to different strengths of magnets.

She decided to do something with planaria worms because they can grow into two new animals when they are cut in half.

“That’s really cool to think about, and I just wanted to learn more about that and do some more work with that,” she explained.

“I had some magnets, and I cut them in half and then I looked at how magnetic fields affect the regrowth phase. It was really fun.”

Elliot participated in her school’s science fair, where she was selected to go to regionals, along with a couple of other students.

The event was virtual this year, which disappointed Elliot.

“It wasn’t as fun as going in. I’ve been to a regional every single year that I’ve done science fairs,” she explained.

Elliot was selected to go to nationals at regionals, something she had never experienced before.

At the 30th annual Sanofi Biogenius Canada Competition, Elliot won in the junior category.

Even though the kids didn’t bring home any medals, the school held a ceremony for the kids.

“No one took home any medals, so we were thinking it was just kind of going to be a slow year, and then I was eating pizza, and they called my name, and I gasped so loud, and I almost choked on my pizza,” she explained.

“I was really in shock. I didn’t expect it at all.”

Elliot explains that she took home a few awards from regionals and a gold medal.

Overall, she won the “Women in Engineering and Geoscience” award, the “Julia Lane” award and the “Honourable Mention Top Grade 8” award.

Elliot was one of five students from the Peace region to go to the National Science Fair.

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