FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Heavy rainfall has caused the closure of several roads in the North Peace according to Dawson Road Maintenance.

The 262 road, the Stoddart Creek Road, the 273 road, and the 217 road are all closed. The 250 and 656 road are now open. Below are the details of where each road is closed:

  • 262 Rd west of the Rose Prairie Road, closed, alternate routes are available.
  • 140 Road Stoddart Creek Road, washed out between the 254 Rd and Welch Road, closed, alternate routes are available.
  • 273 Road, washed out 500 m south of the 254 Rd, no alternate routes
  • 217 ROAD near Cecil Lake. Road closed. Detour not available.
    Dawson Road Maintenance says to watch for updates the condition of area roads.

Several travel advisories have been issued for Highways in the South Peace due to water pooling. A travel advisory has been issued for Highway 97 and Highway 97S from Taylor to Chetwynd and then from Chetwynd to the Pine Pass. The advisory has also been issued for Highway 2, 49, 52N, 52E and Highway 29.

A flood watch for rivers in the Peace region, including tributaries around Fort St. John, Taylor, Chetwynd, Moberly Lake, Pine Pass, Hudson’s Hope and Dawson Creek remains in place.

The rain stopped early Sunday morning and some communities reported as much as 60mm of rain. Communities closes to the Rockies were expected to receive the most.

Adam Reaburn is the owner of Moose FM and Adam has been working in broadcasting for over 20 years. Adam and his wife Tammy have lived in Fort St. John for over 18 years.