FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Multiple agricultural groups in the Peace region have teamed up to create a podcast in the hopes of sharing new farming and production practices with residents in the area.

Thanks to funding provided by the BC Hydro Agricultural Compensation Fund, the Peace River Forage Association of BC (PRFA) is joined with the Peace Region Forage Seed Association (PRFSA), the BC Grain Producers Association and NEAT’s Northern Cohort to create Knowledge for Resilience in the Peace.

Nadia Mori, agrologist and host of the cross-commodity podcast series, says that the groups decided to collaborate because they’re all facing similar challenges.

“We’re all experiencing the same sort of limitations of being a bit isolated in a geographical sense. Everything is far away,” Mori said.

She adds that the goal is to share up-to-date agricultural information that often isn’t accessible to food producers or is hidden by a paywall.

“I’ve found that what producers and people who are interested in agriculture, in general, like to hear most about is tips from fellow producers,” Mori said.

“I find just having the opportunity to share other folks’ experiences, and also recent research that was done that maybe didn’t get shared around. That’s another portion that I think is really valuable with the podcast,” Mori said.

So far, eight of the 26 scheduled episodes have been released with topics ranging from microbes, soil potential, vermicomposting, and common misconceptions in agriculture.

Each episode features agricultural experts, many from British Columbia.

For more information on the podcast or to have a listen, check out the podcasts page.

To give feedback or suggest a topic for the podcast to cover, contact Mori at

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