FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – In April 2022, the Fort St. John Fire Department received approximately three calls a day, which is slightly higher than average, according to its statistics report.

Matthew Troiano, deputy fire chief of community safety, said this year is above average in that regard, but “there’s nothing that’s definitive that can actually say why those are happening.”

The department conducted just over 350 hours of training in April, and there were 97 fire inspections done.

They responded to 57 fires and alarms, and those fall into the suppression category, such as fires, alarms and gas leaks.

There were 26 MVI, or motor vehicle incidents, that they responded to last month.

There were also eleven medical responses, meaning any medical aid they needed to go to.

According to Troiano, this could mean ambulance delays or lift assists, “anything like that.”

The “other” statistic covers anything that doesn’t fall into the rest of the categories, like rescue calls or RCMP assist calls. Troiano says it falls into public service calls, for example, investigating smells, and he called it a “catch-all” term.

The department organizes public events and education as well, conducting five in April.

FSJ Fire Department Stats April 2022 (City of Fort St. John Fire Department – Facebook)

Shailynn Foster

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