Last month was the third ‘wettest’ April ever for the Peace region, with May beginning to follow suit, according to meteorologist Doug Lundquist.

He says the region recorded 64 mm of rain and precipitation in April this year, compared to the 20 mm average.

However, March was drier than the 24 mm average, coming in at 13 mm.

In May, Lundquist says the region has already received about 50 millimetres of rain. Generally, the Peace only gets an average of 35 to 40 millimetres throughout the entire month, he adds.

“We already have way too much for the month of May,” he said, mentioning the snowfall the region has had.

Last May, the region was ‘dead-on average,’ with 38 millimetres of precipitation.

Lundquist says, usually, June and July are the wettest times of the year for the region.

“So, it does concern me cause we can continue to have these kind of storms throughout the rest of May and into June, even early July. And once we get to the latter part of July, we get more into thunderstorm season.”

Lundquist mentions that he’s worried about smaller creeks, Dawson Creek in particular, once the snow starts to melt.

“I know the folks at the River Forecast Ventre are definitely really watching what’s going on in the Peace right now.”

He adds that it may be suitable for wildfire season but is concerned about potential flooding in the region.

Looking into the near future, Lundquist says that Thursday should be back to average.

“The average high is about sixteen, the lowest two. That’s the kind of temperature we’re forecasting for Thursday through to Sunday.”

Shailynn Foster

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