The BC Wildfire Service released an update for the wildfire outlook in April and May, saying the precipitation this spring was a good sign, but dryer areas might still be at risk.

The release says spring fire hazards will decrease over the coming weeks because things will become greener and less dry, but wildfires could still increase in areas that don’t receive enough precipitation.

The Wildfire Service says last year’s drought would typically cause a higher chance of fire in the spring, but since the province had lots of precipitation throughout the winter, it mitigated that outcome.

In April, the service says that temperatures were typically below average and in the northern regions, there was above normal precipitation.

In May, BCWS says that the coastal and western regions of the province will have wetter than average weather as well.

The service says they are carefully monitoring the areas around Kamloops, Kelowna and Cranbrook because April precipitation amounts were below average for those communities.

So far this spring, they say that numerous fires have already occurred in valley bottoms where fuels such as grass and leaves dry out quicker in warm and windy conditions but that April 2022 wildfires matched historical averages.

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Shailynn Foster

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