Starting May 1st, British Columbian drivers will not be required to display their ICBC decal on their licence plates.

The change partners with ICBC’s official launch of online insurance renewals.

Drivers will now be able to renew their policy online up to 44 days before it expires.

ICBC claims about 3,000 people have already used the new method.

If customers aren’t making any changes to their policy and it is a personal vehicle with a single owner, they could be eligible to renew online.

Customers renewing online will still need to print a copy of their insurance to keep in their vehicle.

Buying a new policy or making changes will still need to be done in person.

Transitioning to online renewals will not save drivers any money.

Autoplan brokers are still required to review each renewal and will still be paid the same amount to do so.

ICBC says there will be no basic rate changes until December.

Shailynn Foster

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