Red Dragon Martial Arts brought home 29 medals after a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in St. Albert last weekend.

The club had 25 BJJ practitioners take part in the True North Grappling Championship on April 16th. 

The athletes all fought hard and had really great results being their first tournament in the last few years.

Coach Ben Marsh is extremely proud of their hard work and looks forward to the next tournament coming up on June 18th.

Some members were able to win medals in either their Gi and no Gi matches, or both.

A Gi is the uniform practitioners wear while training. In Gi matches, competitors can grab the uniform, while it is not allowed in no Gi matches.


  • Cade Doherty – gold Gi / gold No Gi
  • Jhuztine Orcena – gold Gi / silver No Gi 
  • Megan Ross – gold Gi / silver No Gi 
  • Levi McLain – gold Gi / bronze Gii
  • Max Savard – gold Gi 
  • Matheus Juister – gold Gi
  • Kammy Steiner – gold Gi 
  • Sebastian Stepski – silver Gi /  silver No Gi
  • Damian Cholmondeley – silver Gi / silver No Gi
  • Conor Soule – silver Gi / bronze Gi 
  • Hoang Nguyen – silver Gi 
  • Ronnie Desor – silver Gi
  • Monroe Mize – silver Gi 
  • Madden Mize – silver Gi 
  • Ryder Novak – silver Gi 
  • Logan Novak – silver Gi
  • Marlan Alcock – silver Gi
  • Gabriel Soule – bronze Gi / bronze Gi 
  • Chayse Steiner – bronze Gi 
  • Maclane Mize – bronze Gi
  • Scarlett Desor – bronze Gi 
  • Ariel Desor 
  • Drew Samuelson 
  • Evan Colliou
  • Carly Doherty